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Below, comments I've received on recent assignments. See more on my testimonials page, or contact me for references. 


"Excellent article with research Diane!"

“I have enjoyed the writing you have done for me and look forward to a future article with you."

"...blown away by your content!"

"Hi Diane, Thanks so much for this. Loved your article. Hope you can write more for us!"

"Your updates and fun posts played an important role in our public awareness campaign that helped to get our levy passed."

"Diane quickly and thoroughly understood our business and generated relevant and engaging content - accurately reflecting our organization and the services we offer."

"Diane continually assessed what we were doing and how we were doing it, looking for ways that we could improve our work product."

"Excellent post - thanks!"

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When you need a dependable writer who understands business, we should talk. 

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THE RIGHT words sell your services, serve your customers, and MAKE YOUR WORK EASIER.

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What is "Strategic Business Communication?" 

Well-written business documents enhance your company's reputation. Good business communications sell your products and services, make it easier for people to work with your organization, and make customers want to do business with you.

In other words, it's Writing that Works.  And it won't work unless you have a plan.


In addition to 20+ years of professional writing experience, I've worked in and managed sales, marketing, customer service  and operations departments. I bring that experience to every assignment. 

I'm a writer who gets business. My job is to make sure all of your business communication is working for you, and growing your business.


If it's not a pleasure to read, no one will read it. My goal is to get your message across and make the words work for you. 

I speak English, not Corporatese. I can sling buzzwords and acronyms with anybody, but I'd rather just communicate, clearly, so your message is received.

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Author, Content manager, Copywriter, Business communications Consultant