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Proof That Hiking is Good For You

I don't need proof that hiking is good for me. If you do, read this: 

 An article in Better Doctor explains that hiking wards off or reduces depression. Plus it includes a nice quote from John Muir. 

An article in the LA Times explains how people think (differently, better) when they hike. An abstract of the study can be found online. 

Maybe you just want to look younger. Who doesn't

There's also evidence that it's better to jog outdoors than indoors.

And from MY FAVORITE STUDY offers proof that JUST LOOKING at nature is good for you

“The researchers also tested the same theory by having subjects sit inside and look at pictures of either downtown scenes or nature scenes and again the results were the same: when looking at photos of nature, memory and attention scores improved by about 20 percent, but not when viewing the urban pictures.” 

See? Hiking - heck, just being outside - is good for you.  


So You’re Not a Clevelander - HERE'S HOW TO Spend a Day Hiking & Having Fun in the 216/330

If you know me, you know I’m in love with NE Ohio. I can talk for hours about it. In fact, I have, and I do at school and library visits in the Greater Cleveland area. (Book the author here.)

Maybe you’re planning to visit Cleveland, or are “stuck” here for a conference. Maybe you moved to one of the beautiful counties sprawling to the south, east, and west of the Cuyahoga River, and would like to reconnect with the city. Here are a few recommended day-trip itineraries that include hiking in and around Cleveland and Akron.

Aim High! Plan ahead and take in the city from the Terminal Tower’s Observation Deck. (You’ll need to make reservations.) Then get another view of the lake from the tower at Lake Metroparks’ Lake Erie Bluffs. (It’s free!) Take another look from nearby Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park, on the ground, on the water (you swim or rent a kayak or SUP there in season), or from the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse. (Hikes # 7, 18, and 20 in the 3rd Edition)

Spend a Day in the Valley - recommended hikes include Stanford Trail, Blue Hen to Buttermilk Falls, Beaver Marsh Boardwalk to Indigo Lake...OK, OK - I can’t think of a trail I wouldn’t recommend in CVNP. (See what I mean.) While you’re there, plan to visit Szalay's Farm & Market (open June-October-ish) and pick up some excellent fresh and (mostly local) food. Or follow the towpath to the iconic, original Winking Lizard Tavern in Peninsula. Stanford, Blue Hen and Beaver Marsh to Indigo Lake are hikes #46, 45, and 50 in the 3rd edition, by the way.

Adventure in Akron! Bring your bike and you can roll from Cleveland into Akron on the Towpath Trail. Indians tickets too pricey? Parking (your car or your bike) by Canal Park is no problem - and every seat offers a great view of the Rubber Ducks. Plan ahead and you can take an urban hike and learn about the history of Akron. About once a month, the Akron Civic Theatre offers a free tour of the gorgeous and historic theater. Like to swim? Lake swimming is open at two different Summit Metro Parks - Munroe Falls Metro Park north of Akron, and Silver Creek Metro Park to the south. Live (and often, free) entertainment is scheduled year round at Lock 3 Akron, Ohio.

Obviously, I’m a fan of both Cleveland and Akron :D This is just a short list of suggestions for NE Ohio getaways. More to come.


  • Learn a little about local history before you go. For example: The Beaver Marsh was a dump not too long ago. Fairport Harbor Lighthouse may be haunted. By a cat. Find out what it was like living with a tribe of Delaware Indians for a few years by reading The Beaded Moccasins by Lynda Durrant, and then go visit Mary Campbell Cave.
  • Have a rain plan. I can think of many visitors and nature centers that are worth your time! Did you know that admission is free at The Cleveland Museum of Art?
  • Maybe plan to stop at an attraction on the way home. Look for one that’s not on your usual list of places to go. Hiking works up an appetite - try Little Italy, Slavic Village, The West Side Market, or somewhere else that’s fun for dinner, perhaps.

Happy Trails!

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