More than proofreading, less than a full audit, a Website Reality Check tells you how your site is working from a human’s perspective. (A human with fresh eyes and 20+ years of online writing & marketing experience.) A  Website Reality Check catches typos and broken links that can affect pricing, make you look like an amateur, and result in lost business opportunities.  Because user interface is so important to communication, your Website Reality Check also includes recommendations to improve site navigation and overall user experience (UX) - many of which can be fixed within a day of diagnosis.

How Much Does it cost?

Initial consultation $65 (includes initial impression, top-level recommendations)

In-depth review of up to 10 pages $60/page. 

Want more than 10 pages checked? Contact me.


I find minor problems including broken links, outdated pricing, incorrect information in footers, and typos in just about every site. And as long as your site is working, they really are minor - but they can be costly. Each time a prospect finds it easier to click back to the search results page than to call or click to do business with you, then you've lost a customer. 

A Website Reality Check is especially good for businesses that do not have a dedicated website administrator or someone monitoring,  reviewing and updating your site on a regular basis. If your "new" website is more than a year old, a reality check is a small investment that can make a positive difference for you and your business.

Find out what to expect from a Website Reality Check

what Will you do with the report?

Usually, I conduct Website Reality Checks for business owners who manage their own sites in-house. Some want to make the changes themselves, some prefer I make the changes. I'm familiar with the backend of most websites. If you'd like, I can give you an estimate for making the necessary changes and corrections to your website. I won't do that without your permission, of course. Questions? Get in touch...​​


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"I just want to thank you for taking the time to review my website and make all the great suggestions. I value your opinion and appreciate your time. It was a true pleasure..."

~ Reality Check, August 2016

Author, Content manager, Copywriter, Business communications Consultant

"Thank you! I had no idea those social media buttons weren't working!" 

~ Reality Check,  

April 2016

"Good catch! I'll make that change now. Can you review the Landing Page copy, too?"  

~ Reality Check, June 2019


"Wow. There's still a lot to do, considering it's a new website." 

~ Reality Check, March 2016

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