corporate Health & Wellness Events

Need to encourage your employees to get outside and take their health a little more seriously, while having fun?  If you're looking for a speaker in Northeast Ohio to help motivate your employees to get moving, get outside, and feel great, please contact me so I can design a program for your organization. 


How much?

Contact me to discuss speaking and presentation fees. I do not charge for travel time in Portage or Summit Counties. 

How long are your programs?

I recommend keeping workshops to about an hour, depending on the topic. Employee wellness event presentations vary depending on your program and format. Most library programs last 60-90 minutes. 

Do you discount books at employee workshops & events?

Unfortunately, no - Amazon negotiated a much better rate than I did!  Good news: retail orders of 5 or more books and wholesale order discounts are available to employers and organizations. Find out more.

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Writing Workshops

"Brown Bag Lunch Seminars" and other productive, participative programs help employees improve writing and communications skills. Whether your employees need to sharpen their presentations or simply reduce email confusion and miscommunications, 

Group workshops are a great way to enhance productivity, increase sales, and make your company more efficient. Before your next trade show or marketing event, should you consider a communications "tune-up" for key staff? 

  • Public speaking skills
  • Work-the-Room networking practice & tips
  • Provide better customer service on the phone, online

One-on-one consulting

Another way to make sure you get your message right: we can work together. Sure, you could write it all yourself - but sometimes, two heads are better (and more efficient) than one.  When you'd like a little help updating your website, customer service documents, or employee manual, processes and procedures, or sales sheets, contact me.

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Need to improve employee communications skills? 

I can create and deliver the program you need - and I bet we'll have fun, too.

Good communication is the hallmark of a productive and comfortable workplace. Do your employees or your organization's members need help honing their communication skills? 

I present corporate writing programs with hands-on activities for participants in a variety of different industries. I can help create and deliver the program you need.

Strategic communications isn't just for your customers and partners. For your organization to operate efficiently - and most profitably! - you need to make sure your employees communicate effectively with each other.  In other words, it's an inside job. 

Could your organization do a better job? Get in touch

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