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The right words sell your services, serve your customers, and satisfy your employees.

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Diane Stresing
.............................................. Writing that Works 


Make words work for you, not against you.

What is "writing that works?" Just that.
Well-written business documents enhance your company's reputation. They make it easy for people to do business with you. A business communications specialist can make your work easier. 


Eek! A writing project! Where to begin?  

Relax. Asking the right five questions will get your corporate writing project started on the right track. The answers are sure to give you a handle on the scope of work. (Want to do it together? OK. We can even call it a "free consultation" if you like the sound of that.)

Never hired a freelance writer before?
Forbes and Social Media Examiner have both offered a few tips on hiring writers, and I invite you to check out my blog and writing samples. I don't bite! Still not sure? Talk to one of my clients.

Looking for a Deal?
How 'bout a Website Reality Check? Starting at $185, a Website Reality Check makes a good site better. More than proofreading and link-checking and less than a re-design, a Reality Check is a quick, painless way to make your website more efficient. Start now; your image will thank you. (In order to ensure quick turnaround, I offer a limited number of Reality Checks each month. If you're in a hurry, regular rates will apply.)

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